Welding in Manchester

Here at Middleton Metal Spinning in Manchester the process of welding is a sculptural process that is used to join materials together, these materials are most commonly metals. The method of joining two pieces of metal together is done by causing what is called a coalescence, that then joins the two metal pieces together with what is called a weld pool which is a pool of molten material.

Welding Manchester

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Coalescence is where a filler material has been liquefied in between the two materials where the joint will be, this will then become cool and when it has set, will form a bond between the two pieces of material, if welded correctly the joint will have a very strong bond as well as being practically unbreakable, this is a very good method of combining two materials together and here at Middleton Metal Spinning we have the correct knowledge of welding to be able to do this effectively and correctly.

Here at Middleton Metal Spinning in Manchester we have our own on site welding facilities as well as the correct skills and equipment to be able to carry out any welding work that is needed from us. We are able to incorporate our fantastic welding skills in conjunction with metal spinning to help create any metal product that you would want.

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