Fabrication in Manchester

Fabrication is the name for the creation of any metal structure, whether these structures have, for example, been created by cutting, bending or assembling. Here at Middleton Metal Spinning we use fabrication in the day to day running of the business as we always use these methods of fabrication to create our products.

Fabrication Manchester

Professional Fabricators

The word fabrication is is used to describe any method that is used for creation, fabrication is very relevant to the work we do here in Manchester as we can fabricate almost anything you could want out of metal through the methods of cutting which is usually done by sawing, shearing or chiselling the metal to cut it in to the correct shape you want, bending which is usually don’t with the use of a hammer, this can either be manual hammering or powered usually via the use of press brakes to help manipulate the metal so that it is the shape you want it to be, there are also other similar tools available that can be used to bend metal, the other type of fabrication we use here at Middleton Metal Spinning in Manchester is assembling, this method of fabrication is carried out through the process of welding which we use when we want to join two pieces of metal materials together, we do this by causing coalescence, please see the Welding page for more details.

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Thanks to our process of fabrication we are able to provide you with a wide range of metal products, we are also able to create any type of metal product you could want. If you are wanting more information on the products we provide or you have any enquiries then please get in touch with us here at Middleton Metal Spinning in Manchester.