When it comes to metal spinning it’s one of the most important methods of metal fabrication. At Middleton Metal Spinning, we’re known for our UK metal spinning services and advise that you should consider metal spinning services before choosing the high costs of stamping or punching, as the costs of these methods can be quite expensive.

Metal spinning is a method of forming a flat metal disc on a lathe into a number of different shapes, it’s a go to choice should you require a prototype. If tooling costs are too high and quantities are low, then it’s an idea to market it this way.

The process of our metal spinning usually results in high quality and lower costs when comparing to stamping, deep drawing or die casting.

The benefits and reasons to use metal spinning

Conventional casting or stamping dies are expensive, spinning tooling is quite simple and less of a cost. Only mandrel and tool stop are needed with a lever and chest tool which usually costs less in comparison to other ways of forming. We can also spin in the air, at Middleton Metal Spinning we design and build our own tooling to ensure the job is done correctly the first time round. Our press department compliments our spinning processes.

Repeated passes with the tool work hardens the product and will create a stronger part than a drawn product, in some cases lighter metal can be used.

Tailor made
Tooling costs can be kept in line with the parts’ life expectancy, if it’s a one-time job then soft tools can be used, long runs or repetitive jobs need more expensive hardened tooling.

Easy to change designs
These are made if the smaller tool is less expensive than other tooling, parts can be refined and developed, they can also be modified in house without starting from the beginning, the constant changes required in product developments mean that when you choose metal spinning, the costs will be minimal, so it’s a great choice when it comes to sheet metal prototypes.

Short turnarounds
Turnaround times can be days usually, which is efficient when considering the low cost of tooling in house, metal spinning is the answer for small to medium quality in under 3 days. Hand metal spinning provides a quicker set up and reduces the cost of small production runs. In addition to this, when it’s performed by our craftsmen it provides better control when it comes to the thickness and improves the overall dimensional stability of the product.

Combination spinning
Combination spinning and drawing is where it spins in a deep draw and the methods compliment each other.

Competitive pricing
Products are inexpensive in comparison to other methods of manufacturing items, at Middleton Metal Spinning, we provide competitive pricing and products which are to the highest quality. Our metal spinning is more reasonably priced when considering stamping, deep drawing and die casting.

Should you require a prototype, we can provide flexible products on a efficient timescale.

Variety of sizes
We can offer a range of sizes when it comes to metal spinning, from 1” to 5”, but should you have any size around these, get in touch and we can see if we can help.

We can provide small parts of the metal spun item for you to review before we create the final product.

No scrapping
Metal spinning is considered as one of the most conservative metal forming process with materials.

The disadvantages of metal spinning

Although metal spun products are considered strong, in some case when they’re compared to other types of metal processing, they can be referred to as a weaker material.

Due to the nature of this process, snarling is more likely to occur when it comes to metal spinning, this means it may leave a small imperfection on the surface of the metal.

Difficulty with keeping the spinning consistent
When it comes to the metal spinning process, it can be more difficult to keep the spinning condition constant.

Increases the unevenness and imperfections
This type of process can also increase the unevenness and imperfections due to the speed of the spinning, this can also contribute to the strength of the product.

Is metal spinning the right choice?

Should you require metal spinning, whether it’s for a prototype or not, you may want to consider the other processes and options available, however, when you choose Middleton Metal Spinning, you can trust that you’ve made the right decision. Our professional team of metal spinners have been providing their services across Manchester and the UK, for more information simply call our team today and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Metal Spinning